Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2011 HLAA Convention Photos Submitted By Netagene

Netagene Kirkpatrick, a first time HLAA Convention attendee from Birmingham Alabama, wanted to share her photographs and experiences. Below are some of her photographs and a description of each.

Thank you Netagene!

The first place I headed when I got to the hotel and had registered, was to find the Scott family, of Hayleigh's Cherished Charms. So I am REALLY bedraggled in this picture, having gotten off Amtrak (17 hours turned into 19 because of storms in Georgia), and managed to navigate DC's Metro, a bit scary for me because I am also high partial legally blind! In this picture, taken in front of Hayleigh's exhibit, left to right: Hayleigh, her twin Vienna (they are now 12 years old), me (Netagene Kirkpatrick), and Sarah (I think she's 9 this week).

Hayleigh's Cherished Charms: Rachel Scott, on the left, then Hayleigh and Vienna

What an amazing and colorful lobby! I made this from the floor above the lobby.

Me (Netagene) with Ivey Jackson. Ivey and I both live here in Birmingham, AL. We met in person only a couple of months ago. It was his idea that we have this picture made.
2011 HLAA Convention Banquet

Netagene and her roomate Barbara at the Banquet

Rocky Stone recipient Anne Pope with Barbara Gurtov. (Anne is the Manhattan chapter chairperson, and that's the chapter which Barbara attends.)

Again, thank you Netagene for sharing! 


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