Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up

The young adults, many of whom received scholarships, after the awards banquet

Sunday morning was the HLAA awards breakfast, sponsored by CapTel. The ceremony celebrated HLAA members from around the country who have gone above and beyond in their advocacy and outreach efforts. There were awards for best website and newsletter, special service awards and other awards for outstanding HLAA members. Scholarship recipients and Walk 4 Hearing (which had its own room and booth in the exhibit hall) leaders were also recognized.

Peg Adamucci (who was available to sign her book Grandmom and Me and the System) and her husband at the HLAA booth

After the awards ceremony my friends and I walked around to experience a bit of Milwaukee before we headed home. We searched around the city for a specific place that my friend heard had really good grilled cheese. Unfortunately, it was closed. So was the next restaurant we were sent to. At least we enjoyed the walk and we found a pretty good Italian place to stop and eat lunch at.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share the convention experience with you all. I’d like to thank Nancy Macklin for giving me this opportunity as well as planning this entire weekend-long shindig. She is simply amazing. I learned so much about new technologies available to help deaf and hard of hearing people experience life and communicate with the world. I also learned important ways in which I can be a powerful self-advocate and get the accommodations I need.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors. My personal thanks go out to CTIA: The Wireless Association and Starkey Labs for providing young adult scholarships, Hamilton Captel for sponsoring the blog and AT&T for sponsoring Comedy Sportz and the exhibit hall socials, at which I met amazing people. Our sincere gratitude also goes out to:

Cochlear Americas: Rumble at the Harley Davidson Museum

Advanced Bionics: Convention Workbook

Med-El: Badges and lanyards

Oticon: Registration bags

Sorenson Communications: Get acquainted party

T-Mobile: President & executive director’s reception

Verizon: Convention program and exhibit guide

R.I.T./NTID: Communication access for the research symposium

Blackberry RIM: Three morning coffee breaks

Hearing Industries Association: Hearing screening booth

Williams Sound: Signage

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